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WWE RAW Preview (4-16-12)

WWE RAW is coming for us tonight from London, so it?s a rare tape-delayed episode which means you can prowl Twitter between now and 9L00 PM EST if you?re hungry for spoilers. Headlining tonight?s show are WWE Champion CM Punk and freakishly strong challenger Mark Henry who will face off in a No Disqualification/No Countout [...]

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Report: Frank Trigg out at HD Net because of abuse and affair

Former UFC fighter Frank Trigg was a popular commentator for several MMA promotions on HDNet, so his absence from their broadcasts was surprising. The gossip website “The Dirty” reports his dismissal was not for business reasons.

MMA fighter Frank Trigg choked out his wife in front of his children on October 17th, 2011. They are now going through a VERY messy divorce and the children who saw the carnage are right in the middle of it. He no longer is employed at HDnet because he was sleeping with a co-worker, assistant producer, 23 year old Amy Vaughn. The company does not approve of the affair and abuse that they were made aware of soon after the incident and have chosen not to utilize his services as a commentator anymore.

HDNet did not respond to requests for comment. Trigg said he does not comment on personal business.

Trigg was 21-9 as a fighter and had a memorable loss to Matt Hughes. He fought in the UFC, Pride, Rumble on the Rock and BAMMA.

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Tips For Planning Your Adventure Travels

Mark Holmes is being employed as wedding photographer and knows a great deal about vacations as a consequence of it. You can get yourself prepared for yet another mind-numbing vacation or you can get yourself psyched one of the many thrilling adventure vacations that is available. You can choose from just about anything, including mountain biking, visiting caves or a range of different recreational water activities. You can decide what is most fascinating to you, when planning your adventure travels. What follows are some possible activities and destinations for adventure travel that you may want to consider. Africa is high on the list of fascinating places to visit, where you will have the chance to see many animals that would only be accessible through the TV or the zoo. Doing the groundwork for a visit to Africa takes a little extra work due to the various things that need to be addressed, like your passport or visas; not to mention any health issues that need to be taken care of.

You can visit national parks like Kruger National Park in South Africa or go on a safari; which are offered in several African countries. If you do some research, you’ll find that there are some reputable travel companies that offer tours in Africa that allow you to see wildlife up close.

Have you ever traveled to Costa Rica? It is a great place to vacation that is not that far from home. Located in Central America, Costa Rica is a hotspot for adventure travelers as well as tourists looking for a relaxing vacation. People that enjoy hiking in the mountains, especially in rugged highlands, will definitely appreciate Costa Rica which provides adventure sports galore. The world-famous Salsa Brava reef in the Caribbean is a place that surfers flock to several times a year. If you enjoy water sports, Costa Rica is right in-between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, as well as adjacent to the Caribbean. Costa Rica is also a great destination for wildlife lovers, as it hosts a wide range of fish, birds, reptiles and other animals.

Diving with scuba gear is a sport that allows you to enter a vastly unique world. Most people have only seen the depths of the ocean on television or in movies, but with a little training and the right equipment, you can experience it for yourself. For the most part you are required to get your scuba certificate in advance of taking any sort of scuba diving trip. It is a smart idea for a trip like this, whether this is an authoritative requirement or not. You’ll have to invest in some equipment and lessons to get certified, but once you attain this, you’ll be able to enjoy scuba diving anywhere in the world. In this manner, one can investigate the oceans of all mysterious locales they happen upon and also the solid ground. We’ve only looked at a few of the many possibilities for adventure travels that you could look into. Going to exotic locations is often a dream of many people, one that you may have and that you should fulfill at some point. To have a more adventure filled life, find ways to travel in the ways described to make your life more exciting.

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4/20 plans?

So whats everyone doing for 4/20?

Im gunna got to marley fest then do some shrooms with some buddies :)

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